A day where many babies such as myself come out to play. It is a day to celebrate independence yet here we crinkle.

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Our lives go on, with great loss, we remember thee.

We pray for thee, they heart be pure, and thy soul be free, rest in peace. We pray for those left behind, the strength to go on through all the pain.

But, I'm always really embarrassed about it when she walks in on me while I'm actually putting on my... Its like i never stopped wearing i am very leaky tonight, i just cant seem to stop wetting, just when i think my bladder is empty more wee just keeps on coming out. ok, to make a long story short, i started wearing diapers at night while i was on my period. go back to wearing and using diapers full i got rid of all my underwere and went out and got diapers im not to worried if any one finds out ill just tell them i have a bladder problem and if they want to judge me let them this is my life not...

and replace them with my diaper drawer and even bought me 3 months worth of diapers and a diaper bag to take with me. i was wearing a tampon and a always pad and still had leaks so a friend suggested diapers. I have been wearing diapers for about two years now and couldn't be happier!

I hope all of you find it appealing a logo as me and my cohorts have. Diaper Chat is poised to expand, were coming up on another holiday season and this is my gift to the visitors, a new system, more secure, and stable.

I can't wait for Christmas with my friends Please note: I am currently still converting some information, as such much of the items members saw before are still missing, over the next few days the information will be added again. To all those babies,caretakers,diaper lovers, and general curios at heart happy 4th of July! No longer independent but rather dependent on our 'parents' to take care of us. I hope every one had a safe holiday and that tomorrow will bring no bad new of any our brothers and sisters haven fallen. Today was a day to relax and be happy, yet it is also a day to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.When I was pregnant for my second child, I had an accident one day.I was standing in the kitchen without the urge to pee and when the baby kicked, I had... Got a bottle of wine with dinner and took 1/2 of it back to the hotel. I spent the night is a very thick "overnight disposable" which is has been used several times but still appears to have some capacity. ease, I do have some slight to heavy incontinence because I have been wearing for over a year almost everyday.He wants me to someday maybe join him in it and be more accepting of it. my bladder will let loose at any time without warning, so i have to be careful when walking around without one on so diapers are just as important to me as the air we breathe, but people are so mean and cruel when they find out I wear diapers, it's a medical need not something... I use to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants as a kid, all thru high school and just into...