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Prior to the collaboration, each of the founding members had developed strong concerns about the state of the international online dating industry.“Many people are giving up on dating online or with matchmakers because of bad experiences,” said Mark Davis.“Without standards in the industry, how would anyone know the good operations from the bad?

” He added “Honest Dating was formed to showcase the international dating sites that operate with integrity and the client’s interests at heart and provide standards by which international dating sites can be measured.” Peter Christopher remarked, “With the multitude of shady practices we have discovered at mainstream and niche dating sites, it’s a miracle anybody is able to meet on them at all.

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Josh Shaul, chief technology officer at Application Security stated in the article, “Recruits are lining up, and hackers are teaching classes to get more people in on the action.” The success that hacktivists have been able to achieve is one reason cited for this, and organizations “having their networks breached and confidential data displayed for the world to see,” Shaul believes will be a wake-up call for many.And tell them you have seen mermaids in these waters.Crawling feebly, head hung low, wasting away, away from the edge of the Abyss Having seen what lies within, eyes now scarred made forlorn and not want to see Madness found in most virulent of retrospective nightmares yet still left undreamt Rendered fingers claw vainly at sundered scorched earth once place of fertile mind Flailing wildly are arms want to hold close some semblance of more precious notions Yet restrained by a pain, torn muscles won't allow more than to move slowly forward alone Crippled by scars want to ooze the puss of past indiscretions denying the salve of hope Bandaged with only the sheerest of memory want to heal what life has yet to spill out What was but a paper cut of the soul now beside the Abyss allowed to fester and grow Like wild beast want to surrender it's own paw so as to escape the steel teeth of it's trap So with menial mental scalpel raised so to cut away the malignancy of such madness One hopes that in cauterizing the wound some semblance of the memory remains A memory less mournful, left unburied, unforgotten and allowed to heal and scar overwe’re stuck in a freezer on the edge of a swampland.The organization is dedicated to enforcing dating site integrity and highlighting those proven to be trustworthy, helping to ensure that honest users are not wrongfully exploited by unethical practices.We aim to raise awareness about the types of fraud in the industry and to help sincere men and women find and use trustworthy sites in order to develop real relationships.” Invitation to Join The Int’l Alliance for Honest Dating Sites is extending an open invitation to apply for admission.Now through March 1, 2014, managers and owners of international dating websites are welcome to apply for admittance to the list of “Approved Sites”.