What specific event or thought made you turn from being an attorney to being an actor?

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I had been working in a firm as a student and saw what awaited me during those first years after articles. Do you think a scene or the dialog is somehow lacking? If I can bring something that the writer didn’t think of, then great!

” AL: The birth of my first child happened in the final year of law school. 🙂 First, I feel that television is a highly collaborative medium.

“One & Three: Love their hate/love relationship and back-and-forth banter!

” AL: The Five and Six scene in the barn during the episode where Five goes into her memories and Six goes in to try and get her out. “In your opinion, the biggest reveal this season is in which episode? Ep 10 is the beginning of answer to the “who the heck is Two” question.

As a child did you ever dream you would be in television, and if you did was this the genre you imagined, if not how does the show gauge to your aspirations? I didn’t really know you could do it for a living as a kid. I loved it there, except the hot and humid summers.” AL: I went to SRB. “Have you and your family ever been west of Ontario?

Fecrabond writes: “Do you think your character is relatable to Han Solo or perhaps another person in sci-fi? Can’t say that I ever dreamed of being an actor when I was young. We just got back from Calgary this summer with my fam. If you, or Joe ever get out to Alberta, I’d love to show you around. This past trip was all about horses : Calgary Polo Club, Spruce Meadows, Calgary Stampede. ” AL: I think you’d have to know me better to be surprised by something about my past, no?

That said, my parents took me to Stratford Shakespeare Festival every year and I did a ton of plays at school and church…

But, yes, I feel very comfortable reading my own contracts. Will you still have time for the series The Good Witch or is there a scheduling conflict that will prevent you from working on The Good Witch? Jay writes: “My question for Anthony is…How much of the character 3 is brought to life by your actual personality? I grew up in Ottawa, where you didn’t really run into people who did it for a living.

Did Three turn her down because he was scared of the virus or did Three figure out what Two’s motives were when she was having ‘fun’, (motives being control). And he’s a big boy and can handle himself with Two and her control games. But also felt like a total jerk for turning her down because, despite all odds, Three is actually highly aware of how his actions land on other people… 2) Six perviously stated to Five in her dream state in the barn that (in summary) everyone has a past, some are good and some are bad, but something happen in there past to make them come onboard the Raza. So thanks to you and Joseph for creating this amazing character that is such a joy to watch.” AL: Thank you. There’s a saying in the acting community: “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage”. “As an actor, when you come across something you really don’t want to play, either because you feel it’s out of character or for other reasons, how do you deal with it? It’s an amazing degree and well worth anyone’s time – even if you never practice.