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Along with the other plan holders who invest in the unit-linked funds, the investor shares in the investment performance of the assets.

Pru Life has just launched the so-called elite protector 5, the newest instrument that gives an investor five times the amount he or she invested unless the terms of payment is not completed.

Specifically, private sector credit as a percentage of GDP rose in 12 of the 14 major Asian systems over the past decade, led by China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam.

“Elevated and rising private leverage represent a negative credit development for the banks, because this situation undermines the resilience of borrowers to economic shocks, and constitutes a structural banking system vulnerability,” Christine Kuo, Moody’s Senior Vice President, said.

Many banking systems in Asia Pacific are still exposed to elevated levels of private sector leverage, although the buildup of such leverage has slowed, Moody’s Investors Services (Moody’s) said in a report.

Moody’s said leverage levels are high in many markets in the region because of the unusually long period of low interest rates.

Moody’s report “Banks —Asia-Pacific: Private sector leverage remains a structural challenge for many banking systems” co-authored by Kuo and Tarzimanov, pointed out that vulnerabilities exist in the Asia-Pacific corporate sector, although the current slowdown in debt accumulation in most markets and higher economic growth expectations are both positive.

China and India are the most exposed to high corporate leverage risks, followed by Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and Hong Kong.

UITF is the option where clients, whether banks or individuals, manage their funds alone while unit-linked funds is combined with other plan holders.