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The Ryan Cameron Foundation Leadership Academy (RCFLA) is a life-changing program that focuses on engaging youth in academic development and providing the life skills needed to become future leaders.

RCFLA is an eight year program with a curriculum based upon the modules of: Public Speaking, College Prep, Responsible Citizenship, Arts/Self Expression and Self Realization, Financial Literacy, Leadership 101, and Etiquette.

Generally speaking, strong people are well (often self) educated and possess a wide breadth of knowledge.

This open-minded attitude often invites curiosity while promoting acceptance.

She’s also an exceptional figure that segues into our next discussion on inner strength – something that others may see as an intimidating aspect of one’s personality.

It’s perhaps what Charlotte Rampling has done off the screen and out of the public eye that demonstrates her exceptional character.Needless to say, small talk is a big part of daily life in America.This is part of the reason that those who are repulsed by it can been seen as intimidating.She’s been divorced twice, leaving her to raise two sons on her own.After finding love and being in a relationship for over 17 years, her partner passed away unexpectedly in 2015. The same can be said about many of you reading this article, no doubt.Related article: 10 Life Lessons To Learn From A Strong Woman In a society that craves attention using the antics of drama, strong people could care less.