As a matter of fact, more than one rule of this kind, scarcely passing beyond the initial stages, has existed, and such are the orders which may be designated stillborn.No trace is to be found in the "Bullarium romanum" of the order called the Wing of St.

The Greater Regular Orders The great military orders had their origin in the crusades, from which they retain the common badge of every order of knighthood -- the cross worn on the breast.

Military Orders The oldest of these, the Knights Templar. After barely a century of existence, they were suppressed by Clement V ; but two remnants remained after the fourteenth century, the Order of Christ in Portugal, and the Order of Montesa in Spain.

In the same category should be included the Order of Santiago which spread throughout Castile, Leon, and Portugal.

Hospitaller Orders Lastly, there are the purely hospitaller orders whose commanders, however, claimed the rank of knights though they had never been in battle, such as the Orders of St.

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