The treatment is odorless and tightly bonded to the fibers, but depending on how you feel about such chemicals, you may or may not want to adopt this bug-control option (the U. EPA’s take: not harmful to humans or land animals, but dangerous to aquatic life if it gets in the water).My personal sense is that if used responsibly (i.e.

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Unless it was listed on the tag, you wouldn’t know bug repellent was bonded to the Ex Officio fabric. As with the Columbia jacket, the chemical supposedly stays active for up to 70 washings (though I didn’t get around to testing that).

The light weight (eight ounces) makes it a great base layer for hiking during tick season (generally April to September in most places), and keeping out of reach of mosquitoes.

It weights almost nothing (just seven ounces), has really nice details like handy zippered pockets and a draw-string hem, and covers your whole upper body when the bugs get bad. Ex Officio’s long sleeve tee ($45) also contains 0.52 percent Permethrin, but its design gives it a more groomed look than the Columbia jacket.

I liked the incredibly soft feel of the cotton shirt, and I liked that it stayed soft and kept its size after a couple of washes.

-Go online and do a search for bed bug products.-Bed bugs live hidden in the cracks of furniture.-You have got to treat every part of the bed for bed bugs, they need to live next to a body to get their blood.-Use a non-residual material on places that humans will come in contact with.-Enzyme products kill on contact and is not harmful to mammals.-No product is perfect, you make the decision on which is most effective, and of course which is safest.

After reading these tips, you will find it easier to choose the best bed bug spray available.

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shared, "I met this great guy, and after two months of dating not only did he leave me with a broken heart, but bed bugs too! With an increase in infestations, it's no wonder bed bugs have become a sensitive topic.

This stigma has plagued hotels, businesses, homeowners and has now crossed over into the dating world, as well. I mean, I knew my boyfriend would understand, but the thought of telling him caused me nothing but anxiety.

If you’ve followed the Gear Guy column in the last few weeks, you know that I’m a little obsessed with cell phone apps for the wilderness.