** If you select the Scheduled Delivery option and, after receiving your order, Harvey Norman Online determines that we are unable to deliver your order at the scheduled time, Harvey Norman Online will contact you by phone or email to arrange an alternate time for delivery, and will refund the price you paid for delivery.

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Same day and scheduled delivery fees vary by your selected delivery date and time.

Delivery costs are also automatically calculated when you checkout and are displayed as a line item in your costs.

Delivery costs for your purchase are calculated and displayed in the shopping cart.

The standard delivery fee is calculated by the size and weight of the items, plus the delivery location.

It’s easy as selecting your preferred date within a 2-week range, and a 4-hour delivery window up until 10pm, Monday to Friday.

Select the ‘Scheduled Delivery’ option in the shopping cart to view delivery dates, times and pricing available for your location.

Check if your order qualifies for Same Day Delivery in the shopping cart when you place your order.

Select ‘Standard Delivery’ and enter your delivery postcode 3. Once your order is delivered you will receive a tax invoice email Sign up for My Account to track your order. If your delivery is delayed, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and refund your delivery fee.** *Same Day Delivery is currently available in selected areas only and for products up to 22kgs.

General Delivery Timeframes: For small to medium in-stock products you can track your order through My Account or Contact Us for courier tracking details.