Erica had a dentist appointment in the middle of it, so the twins worked out that they would switch places, when Heather got there she saw that Clutch was more interested in Lucy. She confided in Heather that she thought she was pregnant, they bought a home test and it turned up negative.

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Degrassi Junior High ran for three seasons, and was followed by Degrassi High, which ran for a further two seasons, and a made-for-television movie Degrassi: School's Out.

Seasons 1 through 3 refer to Degrassi Junior High, and seasons 4 and 5 refer to Degrassi High and School's Out.

During a commission, a person would ‘sit’ for approximately five 1½ hour sittings, but it takes me about 100 hours work to complete it in my studio!

It’s a reciprocal, collaborative process where I try to portray both story and personality.

My workshop is a purpose-built shed in our garden, where I work with a dual-purpose clay and fire to earthenware and stoneware temperatures.

It’s important to me that my work harmonises with the story of the countryside, so my clay bodies are a combination of Staffordshire and Shropshire clays, and for my glazes I source local clays.

There were distinct main youth characters among recurring youth characters, yet the latter were occasionally the central protagonists of episode plots.

No plots centered on adult characters, though they were often important plot devices.

When Erica read her horoscope, it said that she would fall in love and she did, with an 11th grader named Clutch.