If a copy is not available, the article explains how to apply for a replacement.

Answers to other FAQs Introduction A woman's rights upon marriage A man's rights upon marriage A couple's rights upon a civil partnership A woman's rights upon separation A woman's rights upon divorce A woman's rights upon being widowed A child's rights upon adoption Adding a middle name Advice for transsexuals An alternative to marriage A unique gift Changing your name on your passport This article explains how to obtain a copy of your lost Deed Poll (also known as a Change of Name Deed) or a lost Statutory Declaration.

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In which case, no copy of your Deed Poll will exist and all you can do is order another Deed Poll to act as a replacement.

Even if your Deed Poll was enrolled, the expense of obtaining a copy (you have to physically attend and search for your Deed Poll at either the Royal Courts of Justice or The National Archives) usually means it is much cheaper to order a replacement.

To order a legal copy of your archived Deed Poll, please If you did not order our Legal Copy and Archive Service, we do not have a copy of your Deed Poll.

If you ordered your Deed Poll direct from us and you returned your Deed Poll to us for our Legal Copy and Archive Service (available since May 2000), we can provide you with a legal copy (certified copy) of your original Deed Poll document from our archives.

However, for a child's Deed Poll, we can issue a legal copy (if the Deed Poll is in our archives) to anyone with parental responsibility for the child or to the child (but only of the child is now 16 years of age or over).

If you are not the parent that applied for your child's Deed Poll, we will need to see documentary evidence that you have parental responsibility e.g.

your child's birth certificate, marriage certificate or a court order.

We suggest you call our Helpline to determine what documentary evidence will prove you have parental responsibility.

Because your replacement Deed Poll cannot be back-dated, we can modify your new Deed Poll to include a declaration that says you have been using your current name for all purposes since a particular date.

This modification explains to those you show your new Deed Poll to that it is not for a recent name change.

We issue many Deed Polls every day to people who have lost their original - this is the accepted practice.