A recruit in the Women's Army Corps is shot to death on the firing range and Charlie’s Angels are assigned to investigate.Bosley works undercover as a civilian researcher with Sabrina as an Army nurse and Jill and Kelly as new enlistees.

When away for a few moments, two hired killers bump into Skip after they have just murdered a man.

One of the killers drops his gun near Skip who accidentally shoots Kelly and runs away.

It was also felt that the character of Woodville was rather too severe, whereas Bosley was someone the writers could use to add humor to the episodes.

The pilot, which aired on March 21, 1976, was nearly two hours long, and the succeeding episodes were between 48 and 50 minutes in length.

Charlie's Angels: Season One was the first season of the 1970s television series, Charlie's Angels.

The season starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle, and the voice of John Forsythe.

A rich widow hires the Angels to solve the mystery of the repeated disappearances of her jewelry.

When they learn the lady manages her affairs through a medium, they track down prime suspect, Madame Dorian.

The Angels set up a sophisticated caper in which Kelly Garrett and Sabrina Duncan pose as the wealthy heiress and Jill Munroe as dowdy secretary and backwoods gunslinger.

Charlie assigns the girls to find the saboteurs of a charter plane carrying a cache of heroin.

One of the stolen items is stuffed with smuggled diamonds belonging to a ruthless crime syndicate boss.