This means that you can specify select, update, insert and delete methods directly in the data-bound control to call logic from your code-behind file or from another class.

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This attribute enables you to specify a method for retrieving the Grid View data.

Model binding not only enables you to specify custom methods to work with your data directly in the data-bound control, but also allows you to map data from the page into parameters from these methods. Web assembly to be able to use them on Web Forms as well.

NET Web Forms introduces a number of improvements focused on improving user experience when working with data.

In previous versions of Web Forms, when using data-binding to emit the value of an object member, you used the data-binding expressions Bind() or Eval(). NET, you are able to declare what type of data a control is going to be bound to by using a new Item Type property.

However if your scenario required custom code for handling the data, you needed to use the Object Data Source and this brought some drawbacks.

For example, you needed to avoid complex types and you needed to handle exceptions when executing validation logic. NET Web Forms the data-bound controls support model binding.

NET to compare the HTML code generated by both configurations. NET 4.5 introduces data annotations validation for Web Forms.

Instead of having a validation control on each input, you can now define constraints in your model classes and use them across all your web application.

Some improvements have been made to Web Forms server controls to take advantage of new features of HTML5: In the official ASP.

NET portal you can find more examples of the new features in ASP. NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 All sample code and snippets are included in the Web Camps Training Kit, available at Installing Code Snippets For convenience, much of the code you will be managing along this lab is available as Visual Studio code snippets.

You will update the categories Grid View to let the user update categories.