Great graphics..I would like to have more than a brief second of the telemarketer in full nude. Perhaps a few more tool options once the poor, unsuspecting girl is nude.

Maybe it would`ve been more interesting if you could`ve selected any of them, but only one moved things forward. I`ve played it several times, and even though I know what`s coming, the humor of the situation and the way the designers handle it keeps me coming back.

As it was, it might as well have just been a video, since the only participation you have is moving the mouse around until it turned into the pointer. The girl is beautiful, and the idea is quirky and fun.

A former Conservative defence minister warned “pinstriped warriors” at the Treasury against pushing for reductions to the armed forces because of a lack of money.

Mark Francois voiced his concern in the Commons along with other MPs from all parties at the threat of a new round of cuts to the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force...

The sound effects were welcome, but they could have been expanded more to keep me more interested.

The use of the bananas is quite amusing, especially the loud belch. fantastic humour and the expressions on the girl`s face are priceless. it`s a good idea using the internet as a game for this game.. Theresa May has criticised peers for voting to restrict media freedom, saying the plans would “undermine high-quality journalism and a free press”.Ministers have pledged to overturn amendments passed in the Lords on Wednesday...Military chiefs have drawn up a plan to cut the armed forces by more than 14,000 and combine elite units of paratroopers and Royal Marines to save money, The Times has learnt.The three sets of proposed cuts presented to Gavin Williamson when he took over as defence secretary from Sir Michael...A tender kiss from a dead French sculptor proves that the Elgin Marbles belong in the British Museum and not in Greece, the institution’s chief has said.