Rihanna and Chris Brown had an Easter weekend rendezvous, according to reports! Chris's reps are adamantly denying a love connection between Brown and Natalie Mejia even though Mejia was spotted on Saturday night with Brown at a West Hollywood tattoo parlor! "Chris was in a Hollywood tattoo parlor with a woman from the recording studio named Dean, who was getting a tattoo… [Reports in other media] that Natalie Mejia is Chris's new girlfriend are also false." Pals of the Girlicious singer have also pitched in their two cents about the alleged hook-up!

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“They dated back in the day and reconnected a few weeks ago when Chris was in town. Chris does not know the woman nor does he know the name of the woman.”ABOUT THIS AUTHOR || Editor in Chief: Maria Stabile | Maria in ten years has propelled LALATE to become a leading news authority in sports, entertainment, and national news, LALATE has been cited in countless international newspapers (including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and LA Times), international television news broadcasts including ABC News, books including The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences, tv programs including MTV News, and magazines.

They’ve been spending a lot of time together, but things only really heated up over the last two weeks.” “He did got to a tattoo parlor with someone from the studio named Dean. For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.

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I am halfway through the procedure and thanks to you my smile will be a lot brighter. This grant will help me take care of my dental work that I have been putting off.“Chris was in a Hollywood tattoo parlor with a woman from the recording studio named Dean, who was getting a tattoo.(Chris did not get a tattoo),” Brown’s rep reportedly told People magazine.When I would go out to a restaurant, I would look at the menu and order something that did not require a lot of chewing.Afraid that these dentures would slip and I would have to make an excuse to go to the rest room and shift them back into place. We'd waaaay rather hear about Brown shackin' up with this girl group nobody than our Ri Ri!