Another sub theme comes in the relationship between Francoise and his business partner, an attractive woman with multiple challenging friendships herself. Everyone, it seems, must deal with friendship, whether in a bet or reality.

For some Americans, the whole idea of deconstructing friendship in a movie might be uncomfortable and boring.

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The film is spent largely on the search, smoothly humorous and poignant in tracing the growing friendship between the two hunters and revealing the vagaries of any friendship, best or regular.

The notion of the challenge inherent in the bet is carefully parsed with a series of characters and incidents that do more to define who Francoise is as a human being than who that uber friend might be.

The leitmotif best exemplifying the fragile and elusive nature of best friendship is an expensive antique vase dealer Francoise buys on impulse and becomes the prize for the bet.

There's a parallel between the vase and the friendship that could easily be drawn by a discerning, often European audience.

Another avenue of exploring the meaning of friendship is the competition on the French version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Americans should take notice of the film's excellence at this point.

We’re talking Undercurrents, the return of La Nouvelle Scene, and the theatrical rise of Live! Twelfth Night at the NAC Theatre, in collaboration with Old Trout Puppet Workshop. Ottawa’s newest gang of improvisers hits the bar stage to make some merry, and it sounds like fun. There’s one or two things I KNOW I’m missing, and I’ll try and track them down (or you could just let me know..) and update soon. Peace, love and soul, Kevin Reid boxed wine theatre, coming soon, counterpoint players, crush improv, crystal basement, eddie may mysteries, evolution theatre, gladstone theatre, grimprov, kanata theatre, may can theatre, nac, nac 4th stage, nac english theatre, nac french theatre, nancy kenny, orpheus musical theatre, ottawa international children's festival, ottawa little theatre, ottawa storytellers, rapa, roller derby saved my soul, same day theatre, theatre de l'ile, theatre tremplin, tototoo, youth infringement A day late with this post, but still time to see lotsa stuff! CORPUS at Arts Court Theatre, from Counterpoint Players. Cliff Cardinal’s justly celebrated one-manner about life on the Rez, until the 10th. Thrills, chills and postage in a strong showing from OLT. YOUNG LADY IN WHITE (a reading) at Arts Court Studio, from Evolution Theatre. THE WEDDING POOL at the Avalon Studio, from Boxed Wine Theatre. Okay, further out than my usual purview, but my man Alex is in this musical adaptation of the sleeper hit movie, so ROAD TRIP! A one-night only fundraiser performance of Nancy Kenny’s hit one woman show, before embarking on a major cross Canada tour (during which she’ll be filming a full-length documentary about life on the Fringe circuit that you can contribute to HERE! ROALD DAHL’S LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD at NAC Southam Hall. Multigenerational romance from the Little Theatre gang. UNDERBELLY at the Gladstone, from Black Sheep Theatre and Stars and Hearts. And Dead Unicorn Ink team up with some of the survivors of the Ottawa Theatre School (myself included, not to mention the legend herself, Bobby Roberts) for ACCEPTABLE APPEARANCE THEORY from Victoria Luloff and Patrice Forbes.

Love Letters at the Gladstone, from Plosive Productions. And look for them to return on the last Wednesday of the month as well. A restrained and sober look at sisterly life, I’m sure, from the 7th to 10th. Readings of works from local writers…why the Hell not? Musical theatre, Dolly-style, from May 30th to June 8th. LIFE IN THE WAR YEARS at Billings Estate, from Ottawa Storytellers. Running from the 27th to March 1st, TROIS features not only affordable drinks, but WHAT ABOUT HORSES?

Once there he leads his aunt and his friends in staging a non-violent hunger...

See full summary » Three young women come together in college and quickly determine that one has never had an orgasm, they quickly decide that they are going to make sure she has one (thus the not too subtle film title). One takes up with a popular, arrogant boy who is of course more interested in his own pleasure than hers.

From Ian Stauffer and director Kathi Langston, a new play and fundraiser for the Ottawa Mission. Cat’s Cradle at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, from Kanata Theatre. LAWRENCE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, this year spotlighting THE TEMPEST (beginning on the 11th) and TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA (beginning the 15th). OIL AND WATER at the NAC Theatre, from Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland.