I asked her about her experience and told her about mine.

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I enrolled in graduate school and got a job at a small world music label in a rural Vermont town. That winter, I met the man who would later assault me. Not really, anyway, but he was funny and interesting. Though I knew I should leave, I stifled my urge to run. ‘X’ like the shape his hands made when he used them to cover my mouth. I cried as I quickly slid my jeans over my bloody thighs.

Instead, I sat at his kitchen table and let him make me a drink – something with whiskey and maple syrup. The man was still naked, passed out on his bed, so I ran for the front door.

“I think there would be huge backlash if you wanted to change the laws in that way,” she told me.

“I still have a guy who has been stalking me for seven years,” Laws confided.

It was as though I was being punished, and I had no idea who was trying to take revenge on me or why. He called me sweetie and sent me selfies and pictures of his dick.

* * * s weeks turned into months, my boyfriend and I settled into our new place, but the harassment didn’t stop. I searched Craigslist and Google for anything related to my phone number, but my contact information didn’t appear anywhere. I want to lick your pussy and ass before I smash it,” one man texted. ” “Not in the slightest,” I responded, before blocking his number. After dozens of unanswered texts, I told him he had the wrong number, that I didn’t have an ad.

It’s the perpetuation of rape culture through technological advance. Laws that I had begun shutting down my online presence.

I removed my picture and professional information from Linked In, and made sure my other social media profiles were set to private. Build it up.” Slowly, I began to take social media accounts off of their private settings and got back to work creating more content to help bury the Craigslist ads.

“He’s never physically threatened me, so there’s nothing I can do.” It was comforting to speak with someone who understood that these Craigslist ads weren’t just words on a screen.

That cyber sexism isn’t just verbal abuse, threats of physical assault, and privacy violations; it’s a complete undermining of everything women have worked for.

With no idea how the man had my picture, I started asking everyone who texted me to send links to the ads they were responding to. The first man apologized profusely and immediately agreed to send the link.