And what happens when, one day, she's thrown on stage in a stroke of luck in a principal dancers role? (Includes all Grey's characters; feel free to ask about ballet terms!

)Begins with events on episode 4.11 and its immediate aftermath. And YOU must be the woman who answered my husband's phone." A plane ride from Seattle to DC kicks off an alternate season eleven in which Meredith and the kids get to the east coast before Derek hits the west - and stay there. Derek Shepherd has been dragged all the way to New York to assist Harper Avery Award gala night.

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(Garnett/Tex) COMPLETEThe secret is out in the open and there's no going back now.

Meredith thought she could end it, but it was just too real. But that didn't mean everyone was happy, especially not her sister by blood.

Definitely Mer/Der as they work through this latest break up and ultimately make their way to a healthy, nurturing, committed relationship. He knew Chief Grey would win; he just didn't know she had a daughter.

Shattered Dreams Fulfilled will have its original conclusion in spite of S11. With Derek safely back in Seattle, Meredith and Derek attempt to return to normalcy, in the EYE OF THE STORM. A blonde, young, feisty, extremely annoying daughter... Meredith Grey is a badass, tough-as-nails attending working at Seattle Grace Hospital.

CSI is a fast-paced drama about a team of Las Vegas-based forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence.

On the case 24/7, these forensic investigators do all that they can to solve the mystery.

(Complete)Derek and Addison planned on raising this baby together. About 4 years later, she comes back, but she has a secret.

But as soon and Desiree Rowan Shepherd was born, Addison takes off saying she couldn't do it; focusing on her career is way more important. *Please note that the cover photo is my own artwork, so please ask me if you want to use it for your own stuff, thanks :)Derek chose Rose over her. How will Derek react and will they get back together? Meredith leaves Seattle after being fired for messing up Derek's Alzheimer trial.

Set during Season 9 with some pre-show AU elements. The story of a surgeon who needs a change, after chasing the dream of his soulmate, soulmate he's sure he found in Europe 8 years prior. Meredith Grey was no angel; in fact she was quite the opposite depending on who you might ask for an opinion of her personality.