Nigerian women are very shy, humble, and often quiet – so don’t ruin your chances by trying too hard to be funny, and wind up unintentionally causing a scene or embarrassing her.

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This is a great way to get close with your Nigerian woman and lay down the groundwork for possibly getting married one day. African women treat their men like royalty, and in exchange expect to be treated very well, and special too.

So, for your first date make an effort to buy her a small gift – nothing expensive or overwhelming – but just a nice gesture to show her that you went above and beyond to make her feel special.

Let’s review 8 tips for making the most out of your date, and potentially finding the Nigerian woman of your dreams. While African women are truly some of the most beautiful, sexy women in the world they are also some of the rarest.

It is not extremely common for Nigerian women to date and marry foreign men, but when they do, they make extraordinary wives and mothers. Because of this, they look for men with similar personality traits.

While it can be a very honourable profession, there are a few reasons why women might not choose to be a wife of a doctor.

One lady says, “I wouldn’t marry a doctor because they are always on call, my dad was one and half the time he wasn’t around."This is a fair assessment as with most doctors, their patients come before their family and it can get lonely when your spouse is not around half the time.2.

Though, Nigerian women do have class, so taking her to the theater to see a play is not a bad idea.

So, unless she invited you out to coffee or dinner, assume that she expects you to pay. Nigerian women are serious about marriage, loyalty, and are not by any measure promiscuous beings.

With that being said, consider doing some research on Nigeria, exploring the different cities, and how the culture might vary between each place. They are also often religious, and take their religion – and culture – very seriously and will not be swayed away from either one.

Therefore, while it’s not necessary for you to practice the same religion as her, it helps if you do, but if not there’s nothing wrong with observing or occasionally participating in them with her – such as visiting her church.

So, relax, be yourself, and let fate do it’s share of the work for you.