The one thing that you can control is your actions, so take ALL of your actions and put the necessary work to achieve your goals.If your goal is to get a good dating life if you’re a shy guy then you need to: ’.We’ve all seen that guy that guy that even though he is comfortable around girls; he becomes their girl-friend, emotional tampon or just a clown.

Any particular date you might have is not THE important thing, if you succeed and have an awesome date or start getting success with girls then that’s awesome, if you fail then that’s just another brick in your castle and that’s even more awesome.

This is the first practical step, if you freeze around girls (like I did) then you need to start feeling comfortable around them.

What this means is that while you go out there and work on yourself you will succeed at times and fail at others.

These dating tips for shy guys focus on both the short term and long term.

Looking her deep in the eyes goes a long way; it tells her that you like her and are not ashamed of it, that you feel worthy of expressing it, and that you feel worthy of her liking you back.

While looking away nervously tells her the complete opposite.

These 6 dating tips for shy guys come from my experience in the area and going from being the shy-and-completely-frozen guy around girls to a completely cool, relaxed and personality-attractive guy.

It’s all about learning the correct skills, getting in the right path and working for it.

It all begins by giving yourself permission to be congruent to what you feel, telling others and especially YOURSELF that you don’t have to apologize for your desires.

This is an idea that you have to tattoo on your mind, as shyness in dating is closely associated to wanting others to like us.

Start hanging out with your sister’s friends, with your friends’ girlfriends, with the girls at school or at work.