Quartz battery-operated movement requires two AA batteries. Size: Height 35" Width 30" Depth 2.5" This unique 27 1/2 inch over-sized wall clock features an aged background with multi-colored panels within an all metal frame.

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There is a separate seconds track above the "6" position.

The spade-shaped hour and minute hands are an antique black with faint gold undertones.

The dial is special for an 84th Anniversary Edition. Quartz, battery-operated movement requires one AA sized battery. The center dial is a bubbled panel that is heavily distressed and deeply dented for an aged appearance.

Antique brass-finished pendulum bob suspended on a wood stick pendulum. The individual off-white number panels are curved and dented with Black Roman numerals centered on each panel.

The Howard Miller Moment in Time clocks all have a story behind their design.

Many models are reproductions of older clocks are use elements of design that were popular in their time many years ago.Quartz battery-operated movement requires one AA battery (not included). Size: Diameter 27.5" Depth 1.75" This unique 26-1/4" large wall clock features a Moment in Time antique dial framed in wrought iron, with a pendulum peep hole. Antique pendulum swings back and forth and has no effect on time keeping. Recapture the past and celebrate the timeless essence of Old World craftsmanship. Size: 13" diameter This popular Moment in Time dial is elegantly framed in an antique brass bezel, while a decorative antique brass pendulum swings below. Finished in Distressed Hampton Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. 2-1/2" The Lacy II is a 14" diameter wrought iron wall clock features stamped Roman numerals, finished in dark charcoal gray with silver edging. The antique iron-finished, powder-coated case is zinc plated and includes stainless steel screws to inhibit rusting. The black spade hour and minute hands are aged also.The pendulum opening is surrounded by a warm charcoal bezel and covered with glass. 2-1/4" This 26-1/4 inch gallery wall clock features an antiqued cobalt blue and black dial framed in an antique nickel finished metal frame. Battery operated quartz movement and 1 year warranty. Quartz, triple chime Harmonic movement plays your choice of Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam chimes, with volume control and automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. 8-3/4" D.4-3/4" Deep moldings create the traditional octagon shape that accentuates the dial. The hands are finished in charcoal gray with silver edging. The dial, which is off-white with black hour and minute hands, swivels on a decorative wall bracket for optimal viewing from any angle. The accurate quartz battery operated movement uses one "AA" battery. Size: Height 30", Width 23", Depth 2" These Antique Reproduction are designed directly or from elements of clocks from days of old with the reliability of a new clock at an affordable price.The wooden stick swinging pendulum features an antique-brass spun bob. A worn brown dial with aged cream colored Arabic numerals surround a worn cream colored center covered by a glass crystal. 2-1/2" The Howard Miller 625-542 Brass Works is an oversized, large wall clock featuring a metal outer frame finished in antique brass and accented by four decorative antique brass finished screws applied to the dial. 2-3/4" The Howard Miller Clé Du Ville 625-579 Large Wall Clock is a 26.25" diameter oversize gallery wall clock features an antique dial within a wrought iron frame with an oil rubbed bronze finish.Quartz, triple-chime Harmonic movement plays choice of full Westminster or Ave Maria chimes with strike on the hour with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 chimes accordingly or switch to hourly only. The quartz, battery-operated movement requires 1 AA battery (not included). The dial features antique brass-finished gears viewed through an open center. 2-3/4" The Howard Miller Brassworks II 625-569 is an over-sized, large wall clock showcases a distressed red dial with metal outer frame finished in antique black with brass undertones and highlights. The aged parchment background includes names of well-known French cities faded in the background.This large red wall clock offers a swinging pendulum is finished in antique brass. The pendulum peep hole, located at the "6" position, is surrounded by an antique nickel finished frame and covered with glass. Spade hands finished in aged nickel add to the nostalgic tone of the clock. Off-white Arabic numeral dial with polished brass tone bezel and decorative hands. Finished in Oak Yorkshire on select hardwoods and veneers. 4"This 85TH Anniversary Edition clock is finished in Tuscany Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. 5" The Howard Miller Kersen 625-497 is a wrought-iron pendulum wall clock with warm antique gray finish and a profiled wood bezel finished in Americana Cherry.