I'm not a menu guy so cannot comment on pricing / service but pretty sure she has a menu, perhaps others can comment. You are just some DS who is addicted to posting on strip club review sites and spends all day asking for information. You're on here a lot also Mr or Ms whoever you are. Do you even attend any clubs and pay for dances or whatever? Suggest you check your spelling and look up the definition of what spamming is while you're at it.

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Speciaal voor degenen die graag zelf over de ruwe beelden wil beschikken en de montages graag zelf willen doen. • Materiaalkosten • Alle reiskosten binnen Nederland • Annuleringsverzekering • 10 uur aanwezig (langer is mogelijk) Een complete en professionele filmreportage voor een wel heel voordelige All-Inclusive prijs.

Na afloop van het event worden de opnames direct geleverd in Full-HD of 4K.

I try to go clubbing on Thursday-Saturdays, but I've been here on a Tuesday before and Wednesday and it wasn't that bad. Some of them are nice, some of them are pushy and mean. Some dancers have retired, so I'll be scouting again for new talent. Not saying I rule out certain ladies based strictly on opinion but when there is enough good or bad said about a specific lady then it carries some weight on what to be aware of.

She allowed a lot of kitty play for a little extra $/song. If Kiki the Mulatto dancer dances here or Kiki the Newfoundland dancer works here, then let me know. No rip off dancers here, or any club, so if that's you, then don't bother. Some dancers get jealous and angry over money or dating a bouncer or dating another dancer. I find that the black dancers are dominating the clubs. I don't know who she is myself and if she's been out of the area for a while perhaps these posts are her hyping her return. Anyway I've not been to this club but would like to know who some of the better regulars are.

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