At the time I felt like she was ghosting me as if I was a persistent Tinder-date, and I resented her for not having “had the guts” to say it explicitly.

I felt ready to start meeting her again and catching up like old friends.

However, her break-up being very recent, those conversations revolved around him, for which she apologized several times. Cognitively, I know that her sexuality is her own business, and her experiences both sexual, romantic and otherwise have fuck-all to do with me or my own insecurities.

And now that Crunch Butt Steak came on the scene, it diminishes you.

Either you weren’t that special to begin with, or if you “turned” her, then he super-I can all but guarantee you that when she started sleeping with Biff Hardcheese, you were the furthest thing from her mind. She was with him because she wanted to be with him, specifically.

When I confronted her about it, gently letting her know that although we hadn’t discussed our situation properly, I considered that close to infidelity.

She said she thought she might be lesbian, something I was aware had been a possibility before we got together all those years ago.It’s not her specifically, it’s what she represents.Until she banged out with another dude post-coming-out, you were ANH: The Lesbian Whisperer.Hey Doc: I was in a relationship with a woman that lasted for two years (including a year of living together until financial obstacles ended that arrangement) and then a further two years of on-again-off-again.Most of the time, I was the one who ended things, until recently.But even though I’m not really heartbroken anymore, I can’t shake this feeling of emasculation.