All physical signs of SCP-1000's existence must be retrieved and kept in Foundation custody, and replaced with decoy items if necessary.

Dominant chat sites for mobile-66

Access to surviving ex-members of the Children of the Sun is restricted to personnel with clearance level 4/1000 unless given direct authorization for contact by Director Jones.

Further information is available to personnel with clearance level 3/1000 or above. Contrary to rumors, we don't actually assign you to "Keter duty" for finding something humorous.

This effect varies between individual members of SCP-1000's species, with some individuals carrying a 'death chance' of 90%.

The effect is also produced by dead individuals, though small fur samples do not exhibit the effect.

[DATA EXPUNGED] indicates that SCP-1000 may be developing a resistance to the sonic element [DATA EXPUNGED] will not develop further, so that Procedure 516-Lumina can still be used in emergency situations. Even the term "Bigfoot" comes from us, planted in the media in 1958, a term people would find even harder to take seriously than "Sasquatch". There are two direct lies, and plenty of lies of omission. They're smarter - to be precise, they are exactly as smart as us. This is the story we got from the Children of the Sun who defected to us. We were rare, like gorillas now, a few hundred thousand left at best. Perhaps it was just that they fenced us in, unintentionally or not. Somehow we acquired SCP-1000's own technology, and with it, we instigated an SK-class dominance shift in which humanity became the dominant species of Earth. With a few of the more twisted of SCP-1000's devices, we drove the survivors mad, even those hiding beyond our reach. We dissolved their civilization and we slaughtered most of their species.

Investigation into alternate means of reliably keeping SCP-1000 away from human population centers is underway. There is no such thing as the "anomalous pseudo-disease" referred to as SCP-1000-f1. In fact, SCP-1000 does not directly exhibit any anomalous effect whatsoever. It's a story we didn't believe - refused to believe, at first. We avoided their settlements just like wild animals today avoid ours. We wiped out 70% of SCP-1000's population in a single day. Supposedly every flower bloomed that day, while our enemies died in their sleep. We trapped them in their own minds, blocking higher functions and leaving their bodies to fend for themselves like any ordinary ape. We turned one of the weapons on ourselves, wiped out any knowledge of SCP-1000 and the greatest civilization the planet had ever seen. Just ask yourselves: If they got the chance, what more would they do to us?

Any instance of SCP-1000 finding its way to a major population center could constitute an ██-class end of the world scenario with a minimum death toll of [REDACTED] and possible extinction of humanity.

Fortunately, SCP-1000 appears to instinctively avoid human contact.

It is not currently feasible to exterminate SCP-1000 entirely.

The highest known population concentrations of SCP-1000 are at present located in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and the Himalayan Mountain range in Asia. SCP-1000's presence and [DATA EXPUNGED] have also been documented within the past 5 years on every continent.

Weapons, tools, and other unique pseudo-technological resources in possession of the organization have been classified as SCP-1000-001 through SCP-1000-████.