we “us” or “our” refers to i Glide.net, and any division, subsidiary, affiliate, or parent corporation thereof.

You are responsible for all phone company charges that you incur including any charges for calling long distance to one of the Service’s Points of Presence (“POP”).

All POP telephone numbers should be confirmed as a local call before being committed to any system settings.

You should also configure their Mail Transport Agents (MTA) to authenticate (by look-up on the name or similar procedures) any system that connects to perform a mail exchange, and should generally present header data as clearly as possible.

As another example, you should maintain logs of dynamically assigned IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

Configuration All Users of the Service are responsible for configuring their own systems to provide the maximum possible accountability.

For example, you should ensure that there are clear “path” lines in news headers so that the originator of a post may be identified.

We do not warrant that: (1) the Services will meet any of your requirements; (2) it will operate in combination with any software and/or services that you may select to use; (3) the operation of the Service will be uninterrupted or error free; (4) any errors will be corrected; and/or (5) the Service will meet any particular criteria of performance or quality.

You are responsible for complying with this Policy, and for providing reasonable assistance to DAPAC, LLC and or MELALEUCA in investigating and resolving issues, problems, and/or complaints arising out of the services provided to you.

This Policy and your agreement hereto supersedes all previous representations, understanding, or agreements, written or oral, by or between you and us or any of our representative, and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with terms and conditions of any and all orders submitted.

Responsibilities The Service provides an unfiltered connection to the Internet.

All Users are required to comply with this Policy and agree to use the Network in accordance with this Policy.