Included in Alexa's past professional experience are roles at Clear Channel, Daily Candy and ZEFR which allowed her to focus on nurturing relationships where she could utilize both her abilities as an expert and her strengths as a friend.

Whether matching a loving couple, or working with the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Alexa embodies true positivity, generosity, and altruism.

From hosting fitness infomercials to working at Beachbody and Zumba, Alisa's career path has always focused on helping people improve their lives.

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Alexa's reliability, compassion, and intuition make her a great matchmaker.

She sees the best in others and personally invests in their success - both professionally and personally.

All of our matchmakers come from impressive corporate backgrounds, but realized their true passion for connecting people and helping singles find lasting love.

They are outgoing, inquisitive, and demonstrate relentless dedication to their roles as matchmakers.

When not matching, Alisa loves musical theatre and is always in the dance studio or training for her next fitness competition.

An LA native, Christie is a "Triple Trojan" with her bachelors, masters, and Ph D from USC.Lindsey is a published author, chef, nutritionist, and licensed mental health professional experienced in relationship therapy.She has a double masters degree and doctoral level education in Psychology.and The Four Seasons, managing sales and marketing at a DC fashion-startup, and creating the first LGBTQ Business Society across Germany.His passion for advocacy, desire to connect people, and relentless positivity - with a touch of edge - make him uniquely suited to be a matchmaker.As an art history major at Princeton, Marisa sees relationships through a creative, artistic lens.