Certified results are generally required for the purposes of immigration and national/international adoptions.

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Welcome to the Bay County Sheriff's Office web site.

Our goal is to introduce you to our office and its mission.

The information you receive today, could be outdated tomorrow as additional arrests and related information are added. Juvenile criminal history information, that is not sealed or expunged, is disseminated only when the subject was taken into custody for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.

Sealed or expunged information is disseminated only to those agencies authorized by provisions in Section 943.059, F. There will be a charge of $24.00 against your credit card for each name search performed, regardless of search results.

We will certify the results and mail them back to you.

Please see Requesting Criminal Histories from FDLE to obtain the FDLE criminal history request form and mailing information.Here you will find a listing of the Athletic Directors for each school, athletic forms, links to athletic organizations, resources for students and coaches, and links to local media websites, along with our contact information.Athletic Compliance, FHSAA/ FIAAA Representative, Sunshine Athletic Conference, AD & Coach Training, Certified Athletic Trainers: Matthew Wicks, Program Coordinator - Office for Teaching and Learning Athletic Bids, Equipment: Stephanie Swinson, Purchasing Athletic Facilities: Mark Fox, Maintenance Athletic/School Equity: Sandy May, Employee Relations School Athletic Complaints/Concerns/Issues: Please contact your school's Athletic Director.Average Daily Membership (ADM) is one of the tools that the Department of Planning utilizes to maintain longitudinal historical data on student population to determine future school housing needs.ADM, in conjunction with the Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) projections help the district assist in determining school budgets for the coming years, and assists the department in the allocation of instructional and non instructional personnel at the school level. Welcome to the FDLE Criminal History Information on the Internet site.