Cynthia’s father, Irving, who was also living on a very tight budget, put his hand on her shoulder and invited her into their home. He could have taken her to the police station or a shelter, but instead he opened up his home, heart and family to Linda.”Dru Sanchez is a Tucson, Arizona mom whose story Laura Schroff shares in Angels on Earth.

Sanchez was out shopping one day when she noticed a young woman with three children.

She also said, “I want you to come see me every day.

New York City mourned the loss of one of its finest police officers with the death of Detective First Class Steven Mc Donald.

The 59-year-old passed away in January 2017, the result of a heart attack.

At age 17, Linda was thrown out of her home by her stepfather, who was an angry alcoholic.

During a Christopher Closeup interview, Schroff said, “It was a cold, wintry day, and Linda rode her bicycle to the only place she knew where to go: her friend Cynthia’s home.

Stories are shared on the Family Dinner Project website, like the one about Edward and Valerie, whose young adult children had developed the habit of eating in separate parts of the house.

The couple came up with creative ways to get their kids excited about enjoying a meal as a family.

His best friend’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a short time to live.

Joe said he watched in awe as Dan and his wife, Christine, began to live each day with tremendous clarity and love. Our lives are a gift, and there will come a time when we meet our Maker.

It was the final chapter in a life lived heroically.