His sentence was handed down by a Clark County judge after he was convicted on multiple counts of kidnapping, robbery and conspiracy to commit a violent crime as well as one charge of burglary with a firearm.

At his first parole hearing back in 2013, the board voted to parole Simpson on the charges of kidnapping, robbery and burglary, guaranteeing he would be released in 2022 at the latest assuming he committed no infractions while behind bars.

consisted of a missile launch in North Korea, an update on the court battle over President Trump’s immigration order, and students in the Oval Office showing the president a model rocket emblazoned with the word “Trump” on the side.

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“I spent the last 10 years on air in Philadelphia and I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia, so this has been a big transition for me,” Mele told her new veteran to take a new job in the New York City market.

Her former co-host, Sarah Baicker, took a public relations job with the New Jersey Devils, where she manages the team's communications and content.

Fail of the century: Fuhrman (above on the stand in September of 1995) was the first police officer on the scene at Simpson's home after the dead bodies of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were discovered Tag team: He was ultimately torn apart on the stand by the defense and committed perjury when he falsely claimed he had not used the word 'n*****' in the past 10 years (Simpson and Johnnie Cochran above in 1995)Fuhrman was the most important witness for the prosecution in the Simpson trial as he discovered a bloody glove on the football player's property that matched the one found at the scene where his ex-wife Nicole was murdered alongside Ronald Goldman.

He also discovered blood on the Bronco outside Simpson's home the night of the murder.

He was sentenced to 33 years behind bars after a jury found him guilty of all ten counts with which he was charged on October 3, 2008 - exactly 13 years to the day that the former football star was acquitted of the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.