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And then, another friend of mine who is a surf teacher said: "Wait a minute, I could give you a surf lesson that’s more fun than that!

Helen had pulled on a shirt and a baseball cap when she was seen actually surfing, spreading her arms as she headed toward the shore.

Matthew, 56, had been with her since 2001 and fathered their now 13-year-old daughter Makena before People announced their breakup this August.

She and Matthew Carnehan ended their 16-year romance this year.

And ahead of her first Christmas single in over a decade and a half, Helen Hunt was glimpsed Tuesday enjoying a holiday on Maui.

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I could look where I see a spot that looks okay to me.'As she remembered: 'I could go out for 20 minutes and could do more than I could do.

So over time, I was just, love it, love it, love it, love it.

But I’m still pretty terrified of it, it’d take a mellow day to get me out there.'This year, Helen was in I Love You, Daddy - which had its release scuttled after its star, director, writer and editor Louis C. confessed to sexual misconduct allegations that were published last month in the New York Times.