I imagine the other women are looking at me behind my back. A self-confident person doesn't need to criticize like that. The power of beauty is a fascinating topic :) I know i am years late to the party and prbly nobody will read this but i have to get out a reaction to this somewhere.And then I need to say to myself: Actually it doesn't matter. How often have I met a overweight person that seemed just lazy and fat, but turned out to be a wonderfull person with good humour and with charisma? But if a person has a low self-esteem, his or her remarks tell a lot more about him than about me. I am a male and was sitting in male groups having this kind of conversation several times.

For as many times as I've heard those type of conversations between 20 something college boys I've the same conversations between college age (and older actually) women.

My brain tried to work it into “thick arms.” That would make sense, I thought, looking down at mine. Too many people just don't think straight at all and that's real problem.

They talked about the social hierarchy for a while and a lot of their conversation was lost to the crackling of the broken speaker. I don't see reason for all the flak about this article.

Both sexes are wired to look for something superficial at first encounter, but I've never once fallen in love with a woman because of her looks. Sometimes it is good for people to be their own worst critic...especially if it brings them down to earth.

Before I had known that they didn’t know anything—I had been automatically diminished by them. And someday, I hope that Deep Voice makes me laugh first, before I know who he is or what he looks like.

Before I had known that they were kids my youngest brother’s age.

Because they suddenly were no one to me, so I didn’t care about their judgments. Before I had known that they were wearing stupid tee-shirts.

Because they looked like they had never gotten kissed, let alone hooked up after every party. Sort of like the way they didn’t care about the girls they met who weren’t hot enough They got off the train. I sat beneath the enthusiastic crackling of the speaker and thought about the boys, all the way to Secaucus.

So these boys would like to be perfect, judge themselves and think, they are not perfect. Also even more vile ones, like straight up thrashing of overweight girls.

They can't cope with these feelings so they turn them to other people. I always felt uncomfortable in those situations and either pretended not to listen or distract to another topic, i wanted to avoid having to throw in my own obligatory derrogatory comment.

Men who focus overly on that attribute are just as hopeless as women who focus overly on a man's salary. Maybe it's their ego (or illusion of ego that is created to impress those around them) but either way, I still fail to understand how shallow some people are when they are not top-shelf product themselves.