She's on the human relations commission of the town that she lives in, and she's an upstanding citizen. What was wrong was right, and what was right was wrong.' The woman was referred to as 'Rachael' on the show, (see video: Video: Oprah Winfrey - Interview With Rachael - The Jewish God Is Satan - Ritual Sacrifice Of Babies - Worshiping The Devil:

) but it was later revealed that her real name is Vicki Polin.

Darkness must be known and experienced as a real and tangible force, as substantial as the wind that stirs into a tornado, never seen but undeniable all the same. Satanism flourishes beneath the scintillating midnight-blue wet streets and bedevilling phosphorescent lights of Australia’s glittering capital cities. Although marginal types and those with predisposing personalities have always and will always be important to Satanism and its leaders’ ends, they are merely tools.

The demonic heirachy is reflected in the 'human' heirachy of Satanism.

Satanists are vehicles for demonic entities (often reptilian in form) to manipulate human society.

His demise had been expected and yet I have heard rumours of peculiar events preceding it.

Petor Narsagonan was known by a number of names, at least one of which would be known by many South Africans. I have no idea of all that he did and I do not wish to know. He was found dead by a regular visitor to one of his homes (in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia).

Among the material was this disjointed essay concerning the Alpha Lodges. His Intelligence connexions and influential friends miss him. Dear Sir, I forwarded the material to you and thank you for publishing same. The sheeple do not care that we have orchestrated it and have been since the Mount Washington Hotel meeting of July, sixty-six years ago.

I have felt it necessary to edit very little of this work, although legal considerations have ensured that some names and details were excised. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arthur & Fiona Cristian replied to Aloysius Fozdyke Hello Aloysius We will post this document as is in the Love For Life website here: (under section: Freemasonry - Secret Societies - Masonic Lodges - Fraternities with a reference back to you as the source/supplier of this information written by Petor Narsagonan. afozdyke @ uk ---------------------------------------- 4th January 2010 - PM A. Unfortunately a number of websites have reproduced it. I have removed some details; for example, the fact that J. No one showed any concern then, so when their wives and daughters prostitute themselves to put food on the table and the desperate sell their children, they still won't complain!

The most talented amongst them have lifestyles maintained on crime, but lacquered with a thin veneer of respectable professionalism and knowledge.' 'Frater 616' talks about Anton La Vey's Church of Satan in the United States that became famous in the 1960s, and he says that if people want more information about some of its past and most influential members they 'could do worse than study the late J. I have been naming the former British Prime Minister, Ted Heath, as a child killing Satanist since 1998, while Thomas Plantard de Saint-Claire claimed to be head of a secret society called the Priory of Sion, made famous by books like The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

Anton La Vey, with appropriate snake, trying to look evil. 'Frater 616' also mentions a man with the Illuminati-Satanic code name of 'Pindar', who he had worshipped as 'the true father of the statutory heir'.

There is something within the minds of men and women that knows – the atavistic comprehension that although buried beneath centuries of science and schooling still whispers, 'Something wicked this way comes.' Our ancient path is the path to power unimaginable, to a Darkness and Evil that rides through the Black Magician like thunder, to the inexorable eclipse of the conscience that betrays. Fozdyke -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will go down to The Altars in Hell To Satan The Giver of Life O! Our Father which wert in heaven Hallowed be Thy Name In heaven as it is on Earth.

It is the gate into the unspeakable, where the mighty rise as Gods and Goddesses and the meek shrivel into ashes. Give us this day our Ecstasy And deliver us to evil As well as temptation For we are your Kingdom For Aeons and Aeons.

2nd January 2010 PM Aloysius Fozdyke sent a message using the contact form at - Petor Narsagonan – Frater 616 – died on Tuesday the 25th of March 2004. Being familiar with the work I know that there are names and information that could be researched. Perhaps Petor was applying the oldest trick in the book: if you want to hide something, make it public.