General Hospital (GH) spoilers say Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly Mc Cullough) is back to Port Charles soon.

When we see Robin in May for the Nurse’s Ball with her on-screen daughter Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer), her pregnancy will be evident and now Kimberly shared her baby joy with pics from her baby shower with other GH castmates, past and present.

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JASON: It’s always something, and I enjoy working with Kimberly, obviously, and it’s always something we can do.

Robin can come back in and there are so many ways to go. There have been a couple of phone calls here and there.

JASON: He just keeps dancing down this road, and I want those moments where he sits back and somebody gets him to talk for once, and he is not reacting-mode.

Do you want Patrick to have an emotional breakdown?

” I want to keep going down that road, and I feel like I am talking him into making these decisions and whether they are right or wrong it’s more of, “OK, well nothing has worked so far, so just keep going, and keep going, and we will see what kind of fallout happens, if there is one.” When I think back through the last couple of years and how much has happened, I want Patrick to have a relationship with a psychiatrist where he can actually say all the things that he has been feeling.

Patrick has never delved into his true pain in all of this, other than when he was pill-popping speed when he believed Robin was dead, and that was a coping mechanism at the time.

” I had no idea, because it was a big secret and I didn’t know we were going to play it until two days before we shot it.

One of the directors mentioned it was happening to me, but it’s just the way we go now. And at the same time, I really enjoy Billy Miller (Jason) being there.

Kimberly Mc Cullough’s baby shower was held on last Saturday, April 22 to coincide with Earth Day and included some key friends from the General Hospital cast including some faces that are no longer on the ABC soap including her General Hospital husband and fellow doctor pals.

Kimberly shared a series of photos of her baby shower that included her grandma, friends and a handful of fellow actors.

JASON: Yeah, but at the same time even if he knew the truth, there would be some dramatic thing that would happen where Robin couldn’t possibly say “no”, but in his mind, maybe she could have said, “no”. Would you like to see the series delve into the toll three years of trauma have impacted the emotional side of Dr. Patrick Drake, General Hospital, Jason Morgan, jason thompson, kelly monaco, On-Air On-Soaps Interview, Robin Scorpio Drake, Sam Morgan, Samtrick War Vet/Actor/Model Chris Van Etten chats with Michael Fairman in part two of their interview now posted on The Michael Fairman Channel on You Tube.