NOTE: child tickets include a traditional New Year present that can be purchased separately for .

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, a decript old house in the middle of a dark forest, on an island, all alone. Superstar pianist and Van Cliburn Gold Medalist Olga Kern joins this incredible Founded in 2003 at the initiative of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Ministry of Culture, the National Philharmonic of Russia has quickly become a musical symbol of the new Russia.

Visiting the homestead she never knew, she meets a man who claims to be her twin brother and the two estranged siblings are forced to uncover the dark secrets behind their mother's brutal murder 40 years earlier. Residing at the spectacular new Moscow International Arts Center, the orchestra has hosted some of the worlds greatest artists and makes a 35-concert tour of North America in 2007.

The sharing of prosphora symbolizes Jesus sharing His life and the honey symbolizes God's blessings.

A total of 12 meatless dishes are served throughout the meal commemorating the 12 apostles.

The Orchestra will be joined by the dynamic and exciting Kalinka Russian Dancers performing traditional Slavic character dance, and the powerful voices of the Sons of Orpheus Male Choir of Tucson.

: Alexander Tsygankov on the Russian three-stringed domra, and Inna Shevchenko on piano.Midnight Entertainment, and a live Russian DJ Performing all night.RSVP by e-mail: Under the leadership of Spivakov, the National Philharmonic of Russia is a symbol of a country reconstructed.A decade later after fleeing Soviet oppression Irina goes back home to honor her ancestors in the shaman ritual.She has a connection with nature and hears the spirits of her ancestors calling her back.The history of this unique nomadic tribe: its past, present and future are main elements making this film compelling to the Western viewer.