His questions included, ' Are you into hair pulling? I didn't respond with more than, ' I'm sorry, I don't feel the same way.' I received random texts from him for months that I never replied to.Then he texted me 6 months after our date asking if we were 'cool.' I said yes, and we engaged in pleasant conversation until he began bombarding me about a relationship.They give a whole new meaning to "dating horror stories."Just how creepy are we talking?

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But, I was wondering if I could just watch you pee before I leave. We sat down to eat, started with some small talk, and as the evening went on, things got completely bizarre.

Every few minutes the waiter would go into the back, probably prepping to go home.

I met my 'match' at this loud sports bar and already knew it was going to be bad. He kept checking his watch and got frustrated when I didn't know what I wanted to order. Then he calls me out on it and tells me I am required to ask him three questions. I had told him all about my job at a startup when he said to me, ' I don't understand what the issue is. I got free (and much needed) tequila shots all night." "Me: (chewing main course)Him: It's really nice to be here with you. Me: (refrain from spitting food all over him, chewing slower now)Him: I'd like to have children sooner rather than later. His house was packed from wall-to-wall with serial killer memorabilia: photographs, articles of clothing the killer had worn, news clippings, artifacts collected from crime scenes, handwritten letters...anything you could even remotely link to a famous serial killer, this guy had won at an auction and was now proudly displaying in his home. " -Kasey, 26"I was very excited to meet my date because his photo looked like a young Matt Lauer (wearing a bathing suit, six pack abs, with full head of hair.) I was in the waiting area and some guy walks up to me and says, 'hi', but I didn't think it was my date.

I told him he looked nice, and got nothing in return. Me: (smile, still chewing)Him: You're a very attractive girl. This guy looked more like Willard Scott with no hair and a very large stomach. I asked him how old his picture was and he said 20 years! " "A guy I knew in high school asked me to go out for drinks, and when we got to the bar, his line of questioning was very strange; he definitely wanted to know a lot more than how I had been since high school. ' A few days later, he texted me complaining that I was ignoring him and that he had real feelings for me.

I offered to let him use the bathroom in my apartment.

After he had finished using the bathroom, he says, ' I know you said we could just be friends and that's fine. — I did not let him watch me pee." -Miranda, 33"I made reservations at a nice restaurant for a date with a woman I met online.

He showed up 15 minutes late, slammed 4 scotches and then told me he was on Vicodin because he had gotten a Cortisone shot in his hand earlier that day.

After 40 more minutes of virtual silence and him staring at my chest like a starving infant, he asked to drive me home. ' After exactly an hour and a half he announced the date was over. He did walk me to the subway but I never heard from him again, thankfully." "I met a guy on Ok Cupid that was cute enough, and he suggested one of my favorite wine and tapas bars in the city. I mean, how quickly do you think you could get pregnant?

"Everything I know and everything I got, I had to teach myself," he said.

I'm in a whole 'nother space right now." As for his relationship with his own parents, Dolph said he felt resentment toward them "for a long time" until he got out in the world.

"I'm not doing that."Ultimately, Dolph said later (), it's a matter of respect.