It's tough to pick which scenario, considered 20, 10. truth (or reality, rather) is not only stranger, but — at least in Osbourne's case — much more entertaining than fiction. "Like the Communist Party circa Leonid Brezhnev," the Times' Bill Keller added, "the Vatican exists first and foremost to preserve its own power." The rules of mandatory clerical celibacy that many feel contribute to pedophilia are not central Catholic dogma but rather canny political policies.

icons are being embraced and domesticated like never before — and in all sorts of ways — by the mainstream culture in the U. Metal's original class of bad boys has become so defanged that Os- bourne. is schmoozing with the commander (Continued on page 76) or even two years ago. As ironic as it may seem, we suddenly find ourselves in a time when some of heavy metal's dark MAY 25. Steve Smith, Steve Trai man Assistant to the Editor In Chief: Allison Farter Editorial Assistant Meryo Wultmrre (LA) ■ INTERNATIONAL (London) ■ International Editor: Tom Ferguson Mews Editor: Gordon Hassan u Chiefs: Christie Diem (Australasia. For the first 12 centuries — according to the CITI Ministries organization of married Roman Catholic priests — the Catholic clergy (including founding apostle St Peter) and 39 popes had been married.

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2002 Studios Expand DVD Marketing Concepts BY JILL PESSELNICK LOS ANGELES— When The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the King streets Aug. But the Roman Emperor Constantine's decree in 325 AD that made Christianity the imperial faith incorporated the Roman practice that only men could hold political/priestly office.

(i on DVD, the New Line I tome Entertainment release won't simply offer fans the now-standard behind-the-scenes footage, commentaries, and fea- turettes. Mkhari Pau Jefla (Dance), Deborah Evans Price (Country/Christian, Nashville). Christa Titus Stall Wrtten: Matthew Bern, Rashaun Hall it Editors: Christopher Walsh (Pro Audio). In 494, Pope Gelasius for- mally ruled women could no longer be priests.

"We all get paid from the same place, so anything one division can do for the other helps the company." New Line VI' of theatrical marketing Kevin Shelby concurs, adding, "Whereas be- fore, home video was sometimes a lower priority, now we see home video as an important tool by which to enhance our efforts and increase our chances for a COLUMBIA TRI9TAR m L HONE ENTERTAINMENT strong-performing theatrical release." The strength of DVT) is undeniable. Phyllis Stark (Nashville) Senior Editors: td Qriilf Pan (Retain, 1 air? Those raised a Catholic like this columnist and who might seek historical precedents for this extreme level of low deeds in high cler- ical places, need search no further than the local bookshop for a copy of the new and revised edition of the best-selling Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, the Nazis, and the Swiss Banks (St. As the authors ultimately conclude; The Pope's dip- lomatic messages reveal a pattern of protection and inter- cession for war criminals . We find overwhelming reason to indict the Vatican for obstruction of justice . But it also reminds readers that it was not until March 1998 that the Church in Rome issued the 10-page document "We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah" by Australian- bom Cardinal Edward Clancy, "the nearest thing yet to a statement of the Church's responsibility for Jewish suffering, (but] it is notable for its silence on the Vatican's Ratlines, which were set up to help the guilty mass murderers evade justice." This passage reminded one of insights on pitiless Church policy gleaned from another best-selling book.

Recent first-week ; DVD sales include 2.5 million units for Dream Works I lome Entertainment's Shrek and 3.7 million units for Huena Vista I lome Entertainment's I'eurl Harbor, (Continued on page 78) Mute's Miller Explains Sale: Page 6 • Napster's Bankruptcy; Senate Music Biz Hearings; BMI Pop Awards: Page 10 Asia Pacific Quarterly FOLLOWS PACE 46 21 : ""7K86"02552" 8 THE HIT SINGLE FROM THEIR DEBUT ALBUM ALL SIDES IN STORES £04 02 Product Br Frtdcrik Thonundw A Andtvt WUtron. Martin's Griffin, 1998) by investigative reporter Mark Aarons and John Loftus. Galileo's Daughter: A Histor- ical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love, by Dava Sobel (Penguin Books.

We thought we'd be playing in front of six people, all our friends." Starting at Mr.

T's, momentum has continued to build around the Breed- ers, as the band has trekked the States and Europe previewing the Steve Albi- ni-engineered Title TK, an often quir- ky, sometimes moody, and always ex- citing alt-rock romp that proves unpredictable and fun while sticking to the band's style (see review, page 22).

"It's not like I'm the teen idol du jour or even remotely trendy,'' he says with a mild laugh. Nigel Williamson ■SPECIAL SECTON5 (Los Angeles) ■ Director of Special Sections: GENE SCULATT1 r. Marin Joroensefl ■ CHARTS & RESEARCH ■ N- ol Chart! (The Rastas, who worship the late Selassie as a deity, also regard the Vatican with distain for standing by as the Italian dic- tator Mussolini brazenly invaded Ethiopia in 1935.) Granted, in modem Cold War times, Pope John Paul II made it a point of Polish pride to avenge his own country's suffering under total- itarian conquest by supporting the Solidarity movement that helped bring down Communist rule.

He's several days into the European promotional tour behind Frantic, the former Roxy Music front- man's first solo recording in three years, and he says the response has been unfathomable. a haunt for every unclean spirit, for every vile and loathsome bird." as foretold in Revelation 18:1-24.

Stalling* Specials Production Editor: Marc Glaoulnto K Rodger Leonard rtlnn Minagor I i: Susan Chkola •t Leonard. Leilla Slvey ft Len Ourham (Nashvl Be) a Assistant: Gene Williams ■ NEW MEDIA ■ Editorial Director. Bed (Director, Business Development), Rachel VI Isoa (Producl Manager) ■ ADMINISTRATION ■ Business Manager; Kr ELLEN SOMMER Distribution Director Edward Business Development Manager: Barbara Grtenfnger Billing: Maria Ruu Credit; Shawn Norton Assistant lo the Publisher: Sylvia Slrin PRESIDENT & PUBLISHER: HOWARD UNDER New York 770 Broadway New York. 16, 1992, birthday con- cert for Bob Dylan in Madison Square Garden in New York.