There are two rows of beach huts, some on the beach and then others on the grassy banks behind.Mersea is suitable for a family day out as there are places for children to play and shops not far from the sea front to buy ice-creams.Michelle Johnson, Feering, Essex We brought a caravan down at East Mersea about 5 years ago and every year when the site closes down we get very depressed.

I LOVE MERSEA BEACH, AND LIVE CLOSE TO IT, IN THE SUMMER A GROUP OF US COLLECT OUR KIDS FROM SCHOOL AND GO AND HAVE A PICNIC AND A SWIM, IN THE WINTER WE TAKE HOT PICNICS (SOUP, HOT BOILED EGGS ETC) AND LET THE KIDS PLAY ON THE BEACH. Ilove East Mersea beach and have been visiting there on and off for the past 15 years seeing the changes in the landscape as the cliff gradually falls away into the see the trees clinging on precariously by their exposed roots as they eventually succumb to storms and end up beached below. Erosion takes its toll each year, and having to pay for the pleasure of taking a walk in nature is scandelous.

I am not happy about the carparking fees to be able to access nature. I am not a dog walker - I am an artist and love to sketch, beachcomb and generally get away from society here. Please lets have a free car park or maybe a donation type strongbox where people could, if they so wish, leave a monetary donation. Let nature rule again here and give us back one of the few truly remaining 'wild remote places' that I feel exista and I am in when there.

Besides, it is also a place for pondering and meditating over either trivials or important issues. wewll what can i say, i really enjoy coming to mersea,where i live down in west sussex is well borin,i miss my mates when i'm not there,estelle,u know who you are,the beach is great fun,it's just a grat place to hang out, and it has good memories,lol. Bought a caravan on East Mersea 28 years ago our three kids spent every summer down there when they had to make their own enjoyment no club or slot machines, I had no car in those days as my husband needed it for work so I would walk the three kids from East into West Mersea to get some shopping and walk back.

lovely memories and now we have our first grandchild and so it begins again.

Enjoying weekends relaxing, walking along the beaches and going out for some lovely meals.

Roll on March and we will soon be back to our second home - Mersea where we hope to retire to.

Mersea has amazing sunsets, especially at the end of a summers day whe the water is calm.

The beaches are beautiful- sometimes they are muddy and grey, sometimes sandy and clear.

As a coastguard i spent as much time as possible by the sea and on the beach- its great!! i'd take my children my children take their children thereand have just as much fun as i did.