I love all animals so I gently coaxed him or her onto my finger and held it out to release Reply I lost my mum 10 months ago now and have been following a spiritual path. Then, right in front of my window there were several soft small feathers floating in the wind. I noticed one, then another and then I actually saw several.

Reply HI Melanie Thank you so much for your insight into feathers.

Sitting here at 12.00 midnight unable to sleep and then thought about the soft small black feather I found in my hair when I looked into a mirror this afternoon.

So I can see how this could be a message from my mom. Had back surgery in September, and will be pursuing a baby procedure with my wife.

10 years ago my mom passed away from natural causes.

Reply Today was my step dad’s funeral and as we opened my front door to leave for the funeral I spotted a white feather on the ground. Please tell me.🔅🐻🙆❣️ Reply This morning I went to feed stray cat in my backyard on my way return to my home I found a feather black feather with the white tip ,and on the feather is blue and the other side is black it was so beautiful that’s the second time I found a feather the first time is was a tiny one a 3-1 in my prayer that was kind of stream strange because all the door was shot at that time I would asking God about moving location and wait on him to answer my prayer, I heard someone told me about feather about an angel but I never found the feather but this time I found two what that means.

I hope this is a sign that he is safe and well and was there with us. Either white or in different shades of grey with black. I recently let go of my twin flame and wanted to meet someone new but I wasn’t sure it would be the best decision. Reply I recently went through an extremely troubling time.

Today something triggered my emotions and I had no idea how to deal.

I went outside after venting to my friend and crossing my eye path, I see a grey feather.

Reply For the last couple of days I found so many feathers… It’s a specific person which I am trying to attract in my life. Damn near on the verge of a complete break down, feeling everything from rage to deep pain and sorrow in a span of 20 mins.