First, there was this egyptian TV show where the girl actually said that she uses “a MSN” and that it allows her to see if someone deleted her.. It also apparently appeared in a spanish TV show too, and it will also appear in a movie in the near future! I’m just blogging to say that a MSN 0.98 will soon be released..

I hope we can get good students this year who will help us improve a MSN. Some of you might have noticed that the 0.98.2 version of a MSN was never released.. The reason is simple, we planned to release a MSN 0.98.2 for so long now, we had multiple opportunities to do it and we even tagged in SVN and released a tarball with the sources of a MSN 0.98.2 twice already..

but in the end, we never made that release official!

Make sure you read the User Guide and the FAQ that Google has put up and don’t forget that this is just like submitting an application for a job (there is 4500$USD involved..) so you need to make sure you convince us that you are the best person for the job.

Quality over quantity, and only submit an application if you know you can do and finish the project on time.

You can get ideas on what we’d really like people to work on by having a look at our wiki.

Don’t forget you can submit your own ideas if you wish to, but make sure it’s something we’d like to see and that it’s worth working on for 2.5 months at 40 hours/week.You can also get an RSS feed directly for the front page of a MSN’s news by adding this RSS to your RSS reader.The issues we currently have with this new system is that it’s not translated, but there is a way to make it multilanguage, and we will improve on that soon. Hey, We (the a MSN team) want to soon release a MSN version 0.98.2 because of the various issues we faced with 0.98.1 because Microsoft changed their protocols..We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hello everyone, a MSN 0.98.4 is out, in the spirit of the holiday season!It contains several bugfixes, including the bug which made you unable to read Offline Messages. As some of you might know, this year again, we’d like to participate in the Google Summer of Code program. It uses the papyon framework to connect to MSN servers. The EFF is a donation-funded nonprofit organization that defends our digital rights, helps promote net neutrality and raises questions about our privacy and our rights as consumers of the Internet.