But even in the town of Port Ferry, where the year was divided into Hockey season and getting ready for Hockey season, Kate was a special case. The only child of a nickel miner who'd very much wanted to have sons Kate(then Katie Mac Gregor) found that hockey was her one way to bond with her often stern, distant father.

In Northern Ontario, where the winters brought dozens of feet of snow and temperatures that would sink to thirty degrees below zero, the weird ones were the ones who didn't love hockey.

Katie was turned on because he was a young pro player who'd just been called up to the big leagues and had scored a goal and lost two teeth blocking a shot in his first game. He was so into her that he wanted to take her back to his place.

She was so into him that they didn't make it further than the back seat of his car.

She relished every minute of watching her babies play the game she loved.

It broke her heart when first Riley and then the twins had left home at sixteen to go play their Major Junior hockey in other cities but, for Kate, that simply meant she had to drive further on the weekend to see them. Riley was twenty-three, playing in Boston, and widely regarded as one of the better young defensemen in the sport thanks in part to having grown to be six foot six and well over two hundred pounds.

She woke up at five in the morning almost six days a week to drive one of her sons to practice and was often their late into the night for one of their games.

She raised money with bake sales and raffles with the other moms for new uniforms, a new scoreboard or whatever the place might need.It was clear to both Kate and Doug that their boys were going to be special.Which is why Kate began to practically live at the Port Ferry Arena.She and Doug used to joke that the way they kept their marriage fresh was that they only saw each other a few times a month.As her sons grew and got noticeably better than anyone in town, it started to not be so much of a joke.Nothing a guy could do would turn her on more than score a few goals or have a solid fight. So maybe it was inevitable that her predilections might throw her a change-up or two.