Your cable service provider will need to know your modem's MAC ADDRESS and may need the account number of your cable service.

No regerstration hook up-78

If no registration page appears after following the browser instructions above, you need to call your cable company to register your modem.

Below is a list of some major cable service providers’ phone numbers to call if you need to activate your cable modem. Once your cable modem is registered either online or through a conversation with someone at your cable service provider, your service provider will provision your cable modem service.

The Public Access network is intended for guests visiting the university.

It only allows access to web sites on the Internet.

This should be the only place you can go on UNL-WIRELESS-REGISTRATION.

UNL (Blackboard) Username and password, you'll need to check the box that says "I accept the Acceptable Use Policy" Then click the Sign-In button.

You do not have to be a Local Administrator on your computer to set up a wireless connection.

If you need to connect a Gamming Device (Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo) or another wireless device that is not a computer or tablet (Smart TV, Streaming Device [Roku, Chrome Cast, Apple TV]), please go to the following site: Wireless printers WILL NOT work on Dolphin Net or JU_Beta.

You should be directed to the Safe Connect Sign-in page. All jacks should be active except in certain Halls. o Do not bring a router (wireless or wired), hub or switch into the residence halls.