Since cutting out meats for dinner and ice cream before bed, he has dropped 60 pounds (left), is off all heart medications and runs marathons.

He told Daily Mail Online: 'I feel like a young guy trapped in an older guy's body..the older body is doing great!

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Six experts explain what they take and why their daily doses help their health.

Doug Schmidt, 59, is a teacher in Rochester, New York, who suffered a near-fatal heart attack 10 years ago prompting him to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet.

Mr Lynskey, who is one of around 100 people in the UK to be fitted with the device, has to carry two large battery packs, each lasting around eight hours, a small computer device and spare equipment (pictured in inset) with him at all times.

In 2015 he suffered his third cardiac arrest at 17 years old while playing football (pictured left in hospital after surgery).

Despite this, she's an elite gymnast in the Disability British Championships.

Mateus dos Santos da Silva (left), from Rio Unini, contacted the virus last November after being bitten by bats (shown bottom left being culled).

(3) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the Wearable technology is currently a hot topic and the interest in this sector continues to grow.

It will transform many sectors of society and the economy.

Sarah Bladen lost her father to cancer, split from her boyfriend and lost her international career as an editor in a very short period of time.