Surfraz Ghaffur, 18, from Ilford, was jailed for 2 years for violent disorder.

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And regrettably, your method didn't fix mine, all I wanted to install was ZX Reader : P Nokia is hard on the heels of Steve Jobs in control freakishness, but without the polish.

Email me if you know the solution to my problem.please help me :( Thank you very much for that, i was trying to install symtorrent on my nokia N96, and getting certificate expired error.

Now click on certificate on the top of page or go to on apply certificate 5.

Now i am able to login to yahoo mail as usual and I would like to say Thank You Very Much.

Hi all, if you get a certificate error, contact application vendor message, most likely none of the above would work.

Wait for message ‘Formatting’ to appear on the screen and release all keys once you see that message.

We have seen many users asking on forum how to format Nokia Phone.

not only above site, i registered in many sites, no response from any of the site..