"I was finally getting over three days of food poisoning and still feeling pretty miserable. My boyfriend at the time wanted to comfort me and told me to sit on his lap while we watched TV.

To them, some things are better kept to themselves.

But a girlfriend of mine told me a few months back about a boyfriend she dated once who didn’t believe in such boundaries. Therefore, he had no qualms with grabbing his phone and kicking back on the toilet with the door open or taking care of business while she was in the bathroom with him.

In fact, she told me that one time she ran herself a nice hot bubble bath after a particularly stressful day.

She closed the curtains for privacy’s sake in case her boyfriend needed to run in and out and sank down into the water.

Since this was our first real visit, I was embarrassed about farting around him, so I had been holding it for a while.

The second he left I let it out, but all I felt was something warm dripping down my legs and all over the floor.So every morning, without failing, I would hear Talk about sexy.But on the complete flipside, I have a girlfriend who is dating a guy who at one time, wouldn’t dare have a bowel movement in her home.She would find moments later that she was being brought out of her moment of zen by the smell of funk.When she pulled back the curtains, there was her boyfriend, midway through a healthy bowel movement.As long as my parents have been married, my mother told me that there are just some things they like to keep the mystery about when it comes to their relationship.