The player begins the game at driver level 0 and increases his/her rank as he/she earns "fame points" (similar to experience) based on his/her performance in a race.

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When players begin the game, they are lent a Porsche 911 GT3 RS as a tutorial car, going through the basic tutorial of the game.

They then must buy a Nissan Silvia S15 or a Ford Focus RS as a starting car.

The game is the sequel to 2009's Real Racing and 2010's Real Racing 2.

Primarily due to the freemium nature of the game, it received less favorable reviews than its predecessors, although the gameplay remains generally lauded.

Eventually, the car will deteriorate to the point that it begins to under-perform.

At this stage, the player must get the car serviced, which can take up to several hours in real-time.In update 4.0, you could watch ads to reduce maintenance or reduce upgrade times.Introduced in update 1.2 in July 2013, drive points are required for the player to participate in time trials. The player begins with two drive points, and can only increase their maximum available drive points to five by using gold coins.In response to negative fan feedback and bad press, in update 1.1, EA and Firemonkeys tweaked the repair times so that damage was repaired instantly whereas maintenance times became significantly shorter, although could still only be bypassed completely with the use of gold coins.As of update 1.2, repairs were removed from the game altogether, with cars now requiring maintenance only, although maintenance can still only be bypassed by gold.There are two types of currency in the game: "Race dollars" (referred to as "R$") and gold.