1.- Acceptance by the users These Terms and Conditions constitute a License Agreement of Use of CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM and the CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM website, and as such constitute a legally binding instrument between the user and NGD STUDIOS.

The same covers: (a) the downloading, installation and use of the software application or CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM CLIENT, (b) the connection, access and the use of the multiplayer CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM platform, (c) the access and use of the CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM website, and all the services and contents, present or future, included therein.

In order to access to CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM and to certain services and contents existing in the website, user information may be required.

The CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM game platform constitutes a virtual net of client-server architecture through the Internet, between the personal computer of each one of the users and the NGD STUDIOS servers.

In this manner it offers the virtual environment required in order that multiple users share the same game simultaneously.

Gifting Ximerin was introduced as a feature during the 1.9.0 update.

Players may purchase Ximerin as a gift for a friend.

To participate in the game the users must: (a) register and open a user account in the CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM website (b) download the CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM application from the CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM website, (c) Install the CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM client in the personal computer from which they desire to have access to the game, (d) connect using the client and through the Internet with the NGD STUDIOS servers.

However, it is necessary that, with anticipation to the participation in the game or the access to any service or contents of the website, the users read attentively and accept all the dispositions included in these Terms and Conditions.

Currently, the game is payable through Pay Pal (standard credit card or Pay Pal account); or SMS payment.

Customers do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay by this method with a credit card, though you can use your Pay Pal account.

To purchase Ximerin for a friend, log into the Regnum Online website as normal, as if you were buying Ximerin for yourself. At the bottom of the page, there is a new option to either 'Purchase for myself' or 'Purchase as a gift'.