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In the templates that you downloaded you will notice one of the modules is called Assorted. The user form will now open when you click this shape.

The code that you see below should be copied and pasted into that module On the Interface sheet you will notice a button (shape) that says “Add and Edit Staff”. When data is added to our database we want to sort that data.

If I can draw your attention to a part of the protect code “User Interface Only:=True”.

When we run this syntax at run time and by that I mean when the workbook is initialised or opened then it will allow for most of the macros to run even in a protected environment.

I will show you here how to use this code can take it to a completed application with all its bells and whistles.

The complete database is run and edited from a Userform.These two procedures will be used to protect and unprotect all of the sheets in your workbook.If you have downloaded the template than I think that the appropriate cells would have been unlocked.Our latest hotfix ( was released on Dec 22, 2017 and is a rollup of issues addressed since the last General Availability Release.Active subscribers of Spreadsheet Gear can download this hotfix from the Licensed Users Downloads page.Are there any tricks I should know regarding how the import works?