You can test this method out first by creating a brand new Outlook profile before deleting your old profile, to see if the new identity works properly.

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FYI, you will need to run this System File Checker as an administrator.

The most likely file corruption you will discover is with PST or Outlook Personal Storage files.

If it works, you can start adding back add-ins one at a time until you find out which is malfunctioning and must be avoided.

If Microsoft Outlook crashes or refuses to open at all – or if you are getting corrupted file messages – then you could be dealing with damaged data, especially if none of the previous fixes have worked.

Here are the most effective steps you can take to get your Outlook email up and running successfully again.

Take them one at a time, or scout through and find the solution that looks most applicable to your start-up problem.Other people have reported that they can solve their Outlook problems by deleting their email user profile and replacing it entirely.Of course, this is a drastic solution that you should only consider if your user profile appears to be corrupted.At other times, Windows needs to automatically download and apply important updates that will give you access to your email once again (particularly for Outlook 2016).Still other times, Outlook is being used by another process and cannot be accessed until you break the cycle.You can easily archive your emails to One Drive or other cloud storage options for this step if you are worried about losing them – in fact, backing up your emails is highly recommended no matter what restart procedure you choose, just in case something goes wrong.