Actually, thanks to this particular climate, in this region people not only constantly find bones and tusks of ancient animals, but also a well-preserved mummies of wild horses, mammoths and woolly rhinos at the age of two or three dozen millennia. Girls, Girls, Girls again They are extremely beautiful!!!

I have always been sensitive to the Asian looking eyes, but Yakut girls knocked me on the spot.

Russia hot girls-87

If you invite us over for dinner, or something, just know that we'll bring stuff. It's always fun to have a hot girlfriend whether you're a guy or a girl. It doesn't mean that we're not serious though, don't get me wrong.

We'll even call you and ask what you'd like us to get. It means that we can let loose and have a good time when we feel like it.

Please meet Mikhail Kulikov, Deputy Minister for Federal Relations and External Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Michael says that it’s not a very good picture (he knows better), but take my word – it is a very kind one. But the ordinary people, with whom we had the pleasure to talk a little bit (in markets, public events and other places) made a very positive impression on me. Frankly I do not know what to write about it, you just have to try. You then get such white chips that literally melt in your mouth and are not only great food, but also a divine snack with vodka. Stroganina is a national dish (not just in Yakutia, but for people of the North in general), in Yakutsk there is even a special festival held. The jury was presented dishes of stroganina made by different people. This is an artificial cave, once made in the mountain either for research purposes, or as a warehouse for storage.

They are open and friendly, although they almost always seem to be very severe. Kitchen and Stroganina It would be better for vegetarians, animal lovers club members and fans of CSKA to skip this section. On the “Stroganina-2012”, where we were invited, about 20 teams competed in the ability to quickly and correctly (there is a lot of nuances! What only didn’t we see there – snakes, ships, plague, Christmas trees from cut fish … Today it is a tourist attraction with ice sculptures.

People Frankly, I was impressed not only by girls, but also by boys… Wherever we were, we were always greeted with open arms, offered the best treats and presented gifts. It is clear that the main hospitality came from the organizers and the hosts.

What surprised me the most is the personal involvement of the members of the government in dealing with us, mere mortals.

They come in the order in which they came up to my mind when I wrote this article. Geography and climate The Republic of Sakha is the largest region of Russia. Many people know that winters in Yakutia are long and cold, and summers are short.

Yakutia area represents 2/3 of the Western European area, it is 6 times larger than France and 13 times larger than the UK . But only few know that summer is relatively warm and sometimes even hot.

I don’t know about -40 (the lowest temperature that we could experience was -35), but with -30 it felt exactly the same as -30 in Moscow. Surprising but true, this is enough for growing vegetables.

People say that in the south of Yakutia they have even learned to gather the harvest of watermelons. No one, of course, digs out his relatives, but most probably they look about the same as when they were buried.

If you say that we shouldn't bring anything, we'll still bring something. Having fun and enjoying life is part of our culture. Even if you're not hungry and only passing by for five minutes...