All the pictures you see here are taken here in Barbuda by people who live or visit here.

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There are two functioning hotels on the island; the longest established Coco Point Lodge and newly opened Barbuda Belle at Cedar Tree Point.

There are several guest houses in the village ranging from single rooms to self-catering cottages, and three Barbudan-owned accommodations that are on the beach - North Beach resort, the popular Barbuda Cottages at Coral Group and budget Pink Sand at River. The dense Barbudan bush hides all kinds of wildlife not seen on other Caribbean islands, including deer and wild boar, land turtles and guinea fowl.

The population of approximately 1800 live in the only village of Codrington, but Barbudans have family all over the world, especially in the UK, the USA and Canada.

If you are a visitor here you will soon be part of the lives of local people as Barbudans welcome you to their island.

There are cattle, horses, and donkeys often wandering about in the village and sheep and goats return to their pens at night.

There are several salt ponds where it is possible to collect sea salt and see a great variety of endangered bird life, and in the fabulous Codrington Lagoon - a Ramsar site of international importance - live the most spectacular of all the birds, the rare Magnificent Frigate Bird which has a thriving colony of approximately 2500 birds, one of the largest in the world.

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