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LSS responds to changing needs in South Dakota communities.

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Other pastors recognized on anniversaries of their ordination: Pastors Ivar Holmquist, Timonium, MD; Martin Saarinen, formerly of Wytheville; Michael Viise, Charlottesville; K.

Roy Nilsen, Edinburg, and Rudolf Keyl, formerly of Winchester, for their 60 Pastors John Derrick, Harrisonburg; Stephen Schulz, Lynchburg, and Thomas Warme, Moneta, were cited for 55 years; Pastors Cecil Bradfield, Bridgewater, and Howard Ratcliffe, Staunton, 50 years; Pastors William King, Blacksburg; John Mc Candlish, Radford; James Ritchie Jr., Raeford, NC; Charles Bang, Hampton, and Bill Nabers, Strasburg,, 35 years.

Four pastors have retired in the past year: Pastors Gary Scheidt, Trinity Ecumenical Parish, Moneta; Mary Louise Brown, St.

Luke, Woodstock; Ken Nilsen, Bethel, Hamburg, and Richard Krasneck, St. Six congregations were recognized for anniversaries: Trinity, Stephens City, and Rader, Timberville, for 250 years; St.

One by one, somber parishioners came forward and placed their offerings in a basket before the altar.

Farther back in the congregation I noticed a girl, maybe 5 years old, sitting on her father's lap.

We claim that it can't buy us love or happiness on the one hand but measure our worth and security by it on the other. We've talked about human sexuality in this church for years, but we don't talk about money. I remember an interview with a call committee where I asked to see the treasurer's reports.

I was told: "Oh no, pastor, you worry about spiritual matters and we'll worry about the finances." But our relationship with money is a profoundly spiritual issue.

Grace, Winchester, contributed ,000 from a Mission Endowment Fund for the work of Erin Cottos promoting nutrition and exercise at a clinic in Haiti to prevent the incidence of a stroke.